Paris, AR Area Tornado, Apr 1893


An Arkansas Town Destroyed and Several Persons Killed.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., April 18.--A special from Paris, Ark., says: "A cyclone passed over this section on Monday carrying devastation and death in its way. A large scope of country was laid waste in the vicinity of Roseville. The loss will foot up thousands of dollars.

"All the plantations along the Arkansas River for miles below the town were swept bare, houses, barns, and fences being leveled. On the Fitzworth plantation several head of fine blooded horses were killed. A family of five colored people was carried away, two of whom were fatally injured by flying timbers."

The town of Bowles, Scott County, Ark., was destroyed by a cyclone last night. Seven persons were killed in the village. There is no approximating the damage to life and property in the surrounding country.

A mother and two children were blown completely away. The funnel-shaped cloud scooped down on the place wiped it out and then swept everything in its path for a distance of fifteen miles. It covered a space half a mile wide.

The New York Times, New York, NY 19 Apr 1893