Huntington, AR Mine Explosion, Mar 1897



Huntington, Ark., March 6. -- The explosion in mine No. 44 of the Kansas and Texas Coal company in this place fatally burned BUD HANLEY, a negro, he dying later, and seriously burned thirty-four others. Some of these will die.
When the muffled roar that accompanied the explosion was heard a column of smoke and debris was seen to shoot up high in the air from the mine shaft. Over the open ground and network of railroad tracks rushed men and women.
Many of the latter had husbands and other members of their families in the mine. In a few minutes after the explosion the men commenced to appear. Some were not burned at all, while others appeared with their skin standing up in blisters on their faces and hands, or hanging in ribbons.
The work of looking for those unable to walk up the slope was at once begun. Superintendent Vail, of the Kansas and Texas Coal company, directing the work. One by one the injured were brought out and taken to their homes in hacks and wagons. How many of them are burned internally the doctors cannot say, as their efforts are employed solely in dressing the wounds. Different theories are advanced as to the cause of the explosion. Superintendent Vail says he believes that a keg of powder was exploded by carelessness, but the general opinion among miners appears to be that it was caused by windy shot firing the gas and powder smoke.

Waterloo Daily Courier Iowa 1897-03-06

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Jasper Hubbard

He is my great great great grandfather. I would love all of the information that you can provide.

1897 Mine Explosions

I don't have additional information of the mine explosion but I do have information on Jasper Hubbard and Marshall Bell if you are interested.

Mine 44 Explosion

I am a descendant Griffith (Bud) Hanley, Jasper Hubbard and Marshall Bell. I was most interested in your comment of Marshall Hayes of 1928 written description of the men killed. Would you have either a copy or a source that I might find his account?
I do have information on each of the families but of course it is an ongoing endeavor and am willing to share what I have if you are interested.

Huntington Mine Explosion

I'm looking for a list of the dead Last Name Barra

Mine 44 explosion

I am also interested in the Mine 44 explosion. I live just north of where the accident occurred.

I knew that Will Rector has a tombstone (in Cherokee Cemetery) which is identical to those of William Hanley, Bud Hanley, and Jasper Hubbard (all killed in the explosion) and that his death date was given as 21 March 1897 (17 days after the explosion) so I had guessed that he must have been a victim but didn't know that for sure. His name was not on the only list of injured miners that I had seen. I have not seen the name Marshall Bell on the list either, so that's also new information to me.

There is a great deal of confusion about who died as a result of the explosion and when they died. Bureau of Mines put the final death count at 14. In 1928 Marshall Hayes (injured in the blast) wrote that 11 men died (mostly from burns/infection) in the first 18 days and another killed himself, possibly as a result of injuries.


1897 Mine Explosions

looking for more info about Mine #44.My 2 gr gr grand father die in that mine. Jasper Hubbard and William Rector.And an Gr gr uncle Mashall Bell.