Helena, AR Business Fire, Mar 1886

Helena ARK Street Scene 1905.jpg Helena ARK Opera House 1890.jpg


Memphis, Tenn., March 21. -- A very destructive fire occurred early this morning at Helena, Ark., destroying three valuable blocks, including the opea house. It originated in O. K. ROBERTSON'S wholesale and retail grocery store. The following are the losses and insurance:
Opera house, loss, $18,000; insurance, $10,000.
GRANT Brothers, drug store, loss, $12,000; insurance, $6,500.
N. STRAUB, wholesale groceries, loss, $28,000; insurance $7,000.
JOHN ETTMAN & Co., retail dry goods and clothing, loss, $20,000; insurance, $7,000.
SEELING'S Dry Goods Company, loss, $70,000; insurance, $47,550.
H. BARLOW, wholesale and retail hardware, loss $20,000; insurance, $12,000.
GEORGE WENDT, stoves and tinware, loss, $5,000; insurance, $3,500.
Phillips County Bank, loss, $3,000; insurance, $1,500.
HARRY GRINTER'S Cotton Exchange saloon, loss, $5,000; insurance, $2,800.
N. J. TRETZON, wholesale and retail queensware, loss, $14,000; insurance, $11,000.
FRANK & Brothers, retail dry goods, loss, $7,000; insurance, $4,700.
JUDGE CLARK'S office, loss, $2,000; insurance, $1,600.
O. K. ROBERTSON, wholesale retail groceries, loss, $7,000; insurance, $4,300.
GEORGE E. ECKERT, retail dry goods, loss, $6,000; insurance, $2,000.
ROBERT GORDON, groceries, loss, $3,000; insurance, $1,600.
M. NEWMAN, whiskies, loss, $12,000; insurance, $5,000.
EAGLE Block, loss, $10,000; insurance, $3,700.
H. WEINLAUB, retail liquors, loss, $9,000; insurance, $5,300.
L. M. OGLESS, European Hotel, restaurant, and saloon, loss, $5,000; insurance, $2,700.
COURSEY & WILSON'S barber's shop and MRS. WHITE'S restaurant, loss, $2,000; insurance, $1,000.
H. HEINRICH, confectioner, loss, $2,000; insurance, $1,000.
Building of N. LAWSON MOORE, loss, $1,200; insurance, $600.
MYNECK, loss, $8,000; insurance, $4,000.
Among others who sustained losses were ESSENTIER, MOOK, QUARIES, MARQUESS & ELLIS, FRANK SAUNDERS, FRIEBER, BERTON, MRS. MALONEY, WEST, MYERS & ROSS, J. OLIGAR, E. TAPPAN, H. WENDT, ALREY Building, and several whose names cannot be learned, but whose losses aggregate $20,000; insurance, $11,000. A gale was blowing which caused the Fire Department to work at great disadvantage. The fire was under control by 7 o'clock.

The New York Times New York 1886-03-22