Scottsdale, AZ Truck And Automobile Collision, Dec 1972


Scottsdale (AP) -- An aide to Massachusetts Gov. Francis W. Sargent was one of three persons killed in a traffic accident near here Sunday night.
JOHN A. JACKSON, 45, of High Brewster, Mass., died when the pickup truck he was riding in was struck by a car which had run through a stop sign, Maricopa County sheriff's deputies said.
The driver of the pickup, JOHN A. REILLY, 26, of Phoenix, and a passenger in the second vehicle, LUCY A. PINON, 8, of Phoenix, also were killed.
Investigators said JACKSON had been on a gold-panning expedition in the mountains north of here with REILLY, who was his cousin, and MARCIA L. METCALFE, 24, of Phoenix, who was injured seriously.
JACKSON was in Phoenix with Sargent for the Republican Governors Association convention.
The driver of the second vehicle was identified as FEDERICO PINON, 36, of Phoenix. He and four other children in his vehicle were injured.

Casa Grande Dispatch Arizona 1972-12-04