Sacaton, AZ Auto Collision, June 1973


Four persons were killed and three others injured Tuesday night when a speeding car failed to stop at a junction on Highway 87 north of Sacaton.
Four members of a Casa Grande family and a Coolidge man were among the victims, including two of the dead.
Investigators said a car driven by GUADALUPE VALLENCILLO, 22, of Chandler, failed to observe a stop sign and rammed into a car driven by EARL HICKS, 64, of Coolidge. HICKS, traveling alone and headed southwest on Highway 87, was killed outright, patrolmen said.
VALLENCILLO, his son, GUADALUPE, JR., 3, and FIDELA AGUIRRE, 3, of 529 W. Octillo St., Casa Grande, were killed in VALLENCILLO'S car.
Injured were FIDELA'S father, JOE, 22, listed in fair condition at Maricopa County Hospital this morning with a broken jaw and leg; his wife, YOLANDA, 23, listed in fair condition at Hoemako Cooperative Hospital; and a daughter, JOAN, 18 months, listed in critical condition at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix with massive head injuries.
The patrol said VALLENCILLO'S car was traveling at a high rate of speed north on Sacaton Road when it went through the stop sign and struck HICKS' car broadside. The collision occurred three miles north of Sacaton about 8:15 p.m.

Casa Grande Dispatch Arizona 1973-06-06