Ponoka, AB Train Derailment, July 1911


Edmonton, July 13. -- Over a score of excursionists, who had gone from this city and Strathcona to Red Deer for the Orangemen's celebration, were injured last evening when the Edmonton special on the C.P.R. was hurled into the ditch about a mile from Ponoka. The entire train was derailed. Many of the injured were women and shilcren, most of whom were taken to Wetaskiwin in an emergency special made up of a locomotive and caboose.
The Known Injured.
A young son of Mayor ARTHUR DAVIS of Strathcona, broken leg.
MISS GRACE THOMAS, Wetaskiwin, dislocated hip.
MRS. CHARLES KOHL, Wetaskiwin, injured leg.
Infant Child of ROBERT WARD, of Wetaskiwin, injury to hand.
MR. and MRS. BEN MILLER, Wetaskiwin, scratches and bruises.
Child of WM. MILLER, Wetaskiwia, crushed head.
Man and woman, unknown, each suffering from a broken leg. There were a number of others who suffered minor injuries and it is estimated that the total casualties will exceed twenty. DRS. ROBINSON, WALKER and NORDDY of Wetaskiwin went to the depot to meet the wreck special and administered first aid to the injured who were rushed immediately to the hospital or their homes.
The train contained about three hundred excursionists of whom fifty were from Wetaskiwin. Of that number ten were hurt. The accident occurred at 8:30 as the special was approaching Ponoka. The tender is said to have been the first to leave the track, dragging with it both coaches behind and the engine in front. The locomotive and last coach did not leave the road bed, althouth they were derailed. Other coaches however went completely into the ditch. The train is said to have been traveling at a good rate of speed when the accident occurred. MRS. K. GURLING, of Wetaskiwin and her small son were both pushed from the window of the car by which they were sitting and escaped practically without injury. MRS. GURLING ascribes her fortunate escape to the circumstances of being shoved through the window.

The Lethbridge Daily Herald Alberta 1911-07-13