Tofield, AB Train And Auto Collision, Feb 1960


Tofield, Alta. (CP) -- Five members of the JOHN
DENNEUS family of Tofield, Alta., were killed Sunday morning when a freight engine sliced into their station wagon as they rode home from church.
Two children survived the crash. A two-week-old baby is in critical condition in hospital in Edmonton. JOHN MICHAEL DENNEUS, 12, is in hospital in this community, 40 miles east of Edmonton, suffering a broken collar bone and a broken wrist.
Killed when the station wagon was struck broadside by the diesel engine of a CNR train were MR. DENNEUS, 45, his wife AGATHA, 40, and three children DONNA, 16, PHILIP, 9 and EILEEN, 7.
The incident occurred under sunny skies at a level crossing near this farm village and within sight of the DENNEUS home.
The engine ground the vehicle under its wheels and carried it along the track, spewing wreckage for several hundred feet.
The mother was alive when extricated from the wreckage but died moments after arrival at hospital in Edmonton. The train crew was not injured.

Winnipeg Free Press Manitoba 1960-02-15


Does anyone have information

Does anyone have information on the families of the two surviving children(Anastasia Denneus and John Michael Denneus)?

Sadly the infant who

Sadly the infant who survived this Anastasia Marie Denneus passed away May19,2010. Although the accident took her family and left her disabled it did not destroy her spirit. She genuinely touched the lives of all who new and cared for her. She was a true miracle worker.