Valdez, AK Fire, Dec 1906


Bandits Attempt to Rob the Bank, and After Failure to Do So the Building Is Set Afire by Them.

Merchandise Loss Is Very Heavy, but the Bank Is in Good Shape - Details of the Fire Are Not to Be Had.

The Orr stage line is in receipt of information that an attempt was made this morning to rob the Valdez Banking company. Failing in their efforts to rob the bank, the bandits set fire to the building, and the property loss resulting was very heavy. There was also a big loss in merchandise stocks.

Wires sent to Valdez by the News this afternoon have so far failed to elicit any reply, and further details are not obtainable.

Fairbanks Evening News, Fairbanks, AK 17 Dec 1906


Bank of Valdez, Alaska, Burned.

Valdez, Alaska, Dec. 17. - Fire in the Bank of Valdez, believed to have been started by a burglar, destroyed the bank, the Stella Hotel, and the Mercantile Company's building, entailing a loss of $53,000. An examination of the bank vault showed that a large hole had been blown in the back of the vault.

The Washington Post, Washington DC 18 Dec 1906