Anchorage, AK Airliner Crashes On Take-Off, Nov 1970

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Anchorage, Alaska (AP) -- The pilot of a chartered jetliner ferrying servicemen to Vietnam apparently was trying to halt his takeoff when the DC8 nosed back onto the icy runway, was jolted by explosions, then crashed and burned, investigators said Saturday.
The Alaskan Command said 46 of the 229 persons aboard were killed in the crash, which occurred while the plane was taking off in darkness and a freezing drizzle from the Anchorage airport.
LARRY CAMPBELL, National Transportation Safety Board -- NTSB -- spokesman in Anchorage, said a series of explosions "followed an attempted abort" as the fuel-laden aircraft strained to become airborne. It was piiloted by WILLIAM G. REID of Napa, Calif.
Witnesses said the plane slithered over the slippery runway, up a small mound and across a depression in the earth, cracking into pieces as it came to rest nearly three-quarters of a mile from the runway's end.
Survivors and witnesses described a variety of small explosions they said occurred as the plane's nost lifted, then turned downward. At least two explosions of larger size erupted a few minutes after the stricken plane skidded to a stop, one witness said.
Another said a blast hurled a ball of fire skyward. Others told of seeing bluish flames, of fire in an engine on the plane's right side prior to the crash, and of what could have been a pressure stall or backfire.
Federal and local authorities, as well as spokesmen for Capitol Internatinal Airways which owned the $12-million plane and chartered it to the military, generally declined comment as to possible cause of the crash or other related matters.
"We won't be able to release any technical data until the NTSB completes its investigation," CECIL EDMONDS, Capitol vice president said in Wilmington, Del.
CAMPBELL declined to say why he believed the pilot was trying to abort the take off or what caused the action.
The plane left McChord Air Force Base at Tacoma, Wash., Friday stopping at Anchorage for refueling and a change of crew. It carried 219 passengers which military spokesmen said were military personnel and their dependents, including a number of children. It was headed for a stop in Yakota, Japan, en route to its Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, destination.
Military spokesmen said there were 174 known survivors among defense personnel and their dependents. The survivors included several children and more than 100 injured persons, the spokesmen said.

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Air Crash in Alaska November 1970

I was on my way to Vietnam after a week or two at Fort Lewis Washington waiting for a flight. I was told that I would be leaving on a flight on 27 November I think it was, but at the last moment I was told that I and a few others had been bumped from this flight and would go on a later flight.
I learned later on that this flight had crashed in Alaska as it was leaving Anchorage. My first thought of course, was that I was supposed to have been on that flight and could have been killed. I had many mixed emotions.
I would just like to say that I am so very sorry for those who lost their lives that day, and have the deepest sympathy for their families. May God have mercy on their souls. RIP.

Air Crash in Alaska

I was in Fort Lewis Washington waiting for shipment to Vietnam. I was on the manifest of the plane that crashed in Alaska Nov 1970. At the last moment myself and a few others were told that we were bumped off this flight and would be going on a later flight. I remember hearing of the plane crashing, and was sort of in shock just thinking what could have happened. May God have mercy on those who were aboard that flight and didn't make it. May you all RIP.

Ken Fuller

Ken was great friend of mine .He worked with me and we bunked in the same hootch together. We're both from Pa.

Thank you for being there for

Thank you for being there for all the people survivors and our departed family members.
Cousin of George Gallego Reyes Air Force

My cousin was on that plane, I’ve always asked God Why him?

I do ancestry and i was contacted by someone who saw my cousin’s military photo and articles from the crash that I had posted. He had a coworker who was a survivor on that plane. I needed answers and some sort of closure, and this is what he wrote in my cousins military memorial page. Also, I tried to get my cousin George and everyone else on the Wall, they told me only the ones that died there or from an injury while servicing there were eligible, but, that I couldn’t turn in his information to the city he lived in and they could mention his name on a yearly service they do on Veterans Day. “I never followed up”

An unlikely story... bigofishbone66added this on 2 May 2013 My name is Oscar Moraida Jr. ... Through DNA testing I have found out that I may have a connection here...I have been in contact with Ms. Lydia Gallego @ she asked me if I would tell this "Unlikely story"...As I was viewing the family tree that Ms. Gallego provided,,,I scanned all the names to see which ones I would reconize,,,For some reason,,,my mouse headed towards the picture of this young man in his uniform...( I used to wear the same uniform )...I read the sad story of what had happened...Instantly,,, a similar story came to mind...You see,,,I work with a fellow employee who in the process of relating past events,,, had told me that he had been in an airplane accident... Right away I took down some notes about the accident @ when I went back to work on Monday,,,I made a "Bee-Line" to my friends work bench...His name is " Mark Gallenger"...I asked him for the details @ yes it was the same airplane that George had been in...Mark how ever was able to get out of the burning wreckage @ assist others...Mark told me that it was very cold @ light snow coming down when the jet made it's "take off roll"...He said all he felt,,, was as the airplane went down the runway was a couple of bumps ( Like speed bumps sensation)...The next thing was a loud noise and people being tossed around...He was seated over the wings @ the jet broke up in front @ behind him...That's why he was able to get out... The odds of our paths crossing like this is very unreal...May George rest in peace...I hope that this "Unlikely story will bring some kind of closure to the " Gallego " family...Oscar Moraida Jr.

Crash, Anchorage Alaska 1970

My brother was on this plane.

Terry Lee Johnston

Terry is my brother. How are you related to him? Who are your parents?

I remember Ken Fuller as good

I remember Ken Fuller as good friend.We were both from Pennsylvania and worked together at Cam Ranh Bay. Contact Joe Flynn at 570 351 2879.yXe

Ken Fuller was my close

Ken Fuller was my close friend while serving with the1881st Comm Squad. I'am from Scranton Pa. I can be contacted570-351-2879

Kenneth Fuller

I was wondering if you know the name Kenneth Fuller by any chance he was on that plane that day returning to Vietnam. Any information would be very helpful thank you so much