Mt. Gilbert, AK Plane Crashes Into Mountain, June 1960



Anchorage (AP) -- An airliner crashed near the peak of 9,616-foot Mt. Gilbert yesterday, killing all 14 persons aboard.
Among the nine passengers were two children, one only 22 months old, and the wife of a wealthy Alaskan.
The Pacific Northern Airlines Constellation vanished into clouds and drizzle after taking off from Cordova at 6:46 a.m. (PST) on the last leg of a flight from Seattle to Anchorage.
The four-engine propeller-driven aircraft was an extra section to handle heavy traffic during the commercial fishing season. It had discharged 52 cannery workers and fishermen at Cordova, a seaport on Prince William Sound.
A search plane spotted the wreckage in late afternoon, about 700 feet from the top of the mountain 60 miles east of here. It apparently hit near the top and skidded down.
A 6-man mountain rescue council team, flown in by the air force, reached the wreckage last night and reported no survivors.
The crash ended 29 years of PNA service in and to Alaska without a passenger fatality.
PNA said at its Seattle headquarters that the mountain was slightly north of the normal Cordova-Anchorage flying route.
Among the passengers was MRS. JOAN EDGMAN of Anchorage, her two children, MARK, 4, and WILLIAM, 22 months, and her sister LOIS BRAMMER of Puyallup, Wash.
MRS. EDGMAN had flown to Puyallup to see her sister graduate and was taking her back to Alaska for a visit.
Another passenger was MRS. JULIE ODOM, 42, Anchorage, wife of wealthy Anchorage banker and beverage distributor MILTON ODOM. She was flying back from a visit with her ailing mother, MRS. ELLEN JUELSON, in Crookston, Minn.
Another was Pvt. JAMES LUCAS, 24, flying home to Anchorage on a 20-day leave from Ft. Lewis, Wash., and then there was ALFRED ANDERSON, just out of his junior year at Oregon College of Education in Monmouth, Ore., and flying home to spend summer with his parents in Kodiak.
Others were R. A. MATHEWS of Whittier, Calif., and H. L. COSTELOE, Oakland, Calif., whose mother MRS. CECELIA COSTELOE, lives in Birmingham, England.
The pilot Capt. RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN, had flown the route for 15 years. The co-pilot was DUANE EASTERLY, Kent, Wash.
The stewardesses were JO ANN SAYLOR and NAOMI LEE MANTS, both 23, of Seattle.
The flight engineer was LARRY STEVENSON, Renton, Wash.
The pilot was a son of Superior Judge RICHARD H. CHAMBERLAIN of Alameda county, Oakland, Calif. Judge CHAMBERLAIN planned to fly tomorrow to Alaska.

Daily Sitka Sentenal Alaska 1960-06-15