Anchorage, AK Chartered Jetliner Crashes, Jan 1976


Anchorage, Alaska (AP) -- A small chartered passenger jet flying here from an Alaska Pipeline construction camp crashed on landing at Anchorage International Airport, killing six of the eight aboard.
The crash occurred Saturday when the temperature was zero and the air was filled with ice crystals, officials said. The wreckage was strewn across an area of 300 yards, but there was no fire.
The dead included GERARD DOBLEMAN, 55, a vice president of Brown and Root, Inc., contractor to British Petrolium, a member of the consorlium building the pipeline. Also killed was VICTOR ABADIE, JR., 50, of San Francisco, a Brown and Root engineer.
The other dead were identified as pilot CAROLE MEYER, 47, and copilot JACK L. SPURGEON, 37, both of Anchorage; and passengers WOLFGANG PABST, 45, of Anchorage, vice president of Alaska Construction Co., and WARREN T. MOORE, 50, of Anchorage, Alaska Construction president.
Reported in good condition at Anchorage Community Hospital were CHARLES BUCK and WYLIE PIEPER, both of Houston. Both are Brown and Root vice presidents.
The plane, a Learjet, was owned by Winship Air Service. A Winship spokesman said the plane was under contract to Brown and Root and was en route from the Dead Horse pipeline camp near Prudhoe Bay when the accident occurred.

The Bridgeport Telegram Connecticut 1976-01-05