Valdez, AK Fires, Oct 1906

Fire On Reservation.

The first fire of any consequence in the reservation district occurred last night when the residence owned by George Rorer, a short distance beyond the brewery was completely gutted. The alarm was not sent in until the whole building was in flames and the fire department reached the scene barely in time to prevent the adjoining houses from catching. Fortunately water was obtained in the creek near by and within a few seconds after the engine was put to work the flames were under control.

The house was occupied was occupied by Mrs. B. B. Lockhart, who lost practically everything, the few things that were saved being damaged by fire and water. The fire is supposed to have started from the stove while the occupants of the house were away, and was not seen until too late to save anything.

The Alaska Prospector, Valdez, AK 18 Oct 1906