Cooks Inlet, AK Storm, Jun 1910


Carried Out to Sea in a Gale at Cook’s Inlet, Alaska

SEWARD, Alaska, June 25.--Seven men are believed to have been lost in a storm which swept Cook’s inlet Wednesday night, according to a report which reached here today from United States Commissioner Hildreth of Knik precinct, Cook inlet.

The men, among whom were JOSEPH LAMBNER, a prominent citizen of Seward; F. R. STEWART, founder of Stewart City, B. C. ; WILLIAM PERKINS and JOHN WINTER, set out in a dory to cross the inlet. They had not been out long before a terrific storm came up. It was thought they might have taken refuge on Fire Island, half way across the inlet, but searchers have been unable to find any trace of them.

The names of three of the men in the party are not known here.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 26 Jun 1910