Dawson, AK Drowning, May 1903

Drowned In Klondike.

Three Lives Lost by Overturning of Canoe – Navigation Opens.

Dawson, Alaska, May 16. – Three men have been drowned at the mouth of the Klondyke (sic) River by the overturning of a canoe. They were: Wm. BAILEY, John HAGLAND, and John FRANK.

Navigation on the Yukon has opened. The steamer Thistle was the first to start. She is now en route from Lebarge, loaded to the guards with passengers and freight and bringing the mail. She is escorting five heavily-laden scows. Steamers are in commission everywhere this side of Lebarge, and a steamer from that port is expected at Dawson Wednesday.

In the Yukon Parliament the proposed memorial for the Dominion Parliament to cancel the Threadgold concession was voted down, after a fight of two days. The elected members all favored the memorial. Opposed to it were the appointed members, who represent the Ottawa Government and these were trying to make the vote a tie. The Governor had the deciding vote, and he cast it with the government, thus defeating the memorial.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 17 May 1903