Haines, AK Coast Guard Plane Crash, Dec 1954


Haines (AP) -- Four men, including a strait-jacketed
mental patient being flown to Juneau for hospitalization apparently were killed yesterday in the crash of a Coast Guard amphibious plane during a take-off from Haines harbor.
Seven men were aboard the plane when it cracked up and four of them were taken from the water within an hour while three still are missing. Injuries received in the crash took the life of AL1 CLIFFORD E. HABECKER, 34, Pittsford, N.Y., a coastguaradsman.
Still missing are FRED HARRINGTON, the mental patient from Haines, and two other coastguardsmen
AD1 ANDREW P. TURNIER, 39, Landsdowne, Pa., and AL3 DOYLE E. JAHN, 21, Roseland, Nebr.
Although search still is continuing for these men virtually no hope is held they will be found alive.
Survivors are Lt. Cmdr. FREDERICK J. HANCOX, 34, the pilot, of Reading, Pa.; Lt. WILLIAM P. BUTLER, 25, Hyattsville, Md., the co-pilot and U.S. deputy marshall DARRELL MILLER, Juneau.
HANCOX'S condition was listed as fair and BUTLER'S as critical. MILLER, escorting HARRINGTON to Juneau, suffered only slight injuries.
The plane was from the Annette Island Coast Guard station and was taking off when the crackup occurred. It was not determined whether the craft had left the water or struck some submerged object.
The survivors were taken from the water by fishermen.
The Coast Guard cutter Storis was due to arrive in Juneau this afternoon with the survivors and HABECKER'S body.
Rescuers said the plane fell in Portage bay and remained afloat almost 30 minutes before sinking nose first in 400 feet of water.
The Coast Guard tender Citrus is remaining at Haines to continue the search for the missing men.
The survivors will be taken to St. Anne's hospital in Juneau.

Daily Sitka Sentinel Alaska 1954-12-15