Nenana, AK House Fire, Jan 1917

Railroad Man Loses Fingers

J. P. Detlefson, a watchman in the employ of the Alaska Engineering commission had all the fingers on both hands amputated recently in the government hospital at Nenana. Several weeks ago a fire broke out in the residence of G. Fenton Cramer at the lower river town, and Mr. Dethlefson froze his fingers in fighting the flames. The weather at the time was extremely cold, and as the chemical engine of the Nenana Fire department was frozen, the blaze was fought by a bucket brigade.

Mr. Dethlefson, with his wife, came into the country last June, and during the last summer was foreman of construction camp No. 2, south of Nenana, and this winter accepted the position of watchman. He is said to be one of the most popular employees of the commission at the railroad town. It is not thought that his injuries will incapacitate him for service during the coming summer.-Ex.

Daily Alaska Dispatch, Juneau, AK 3 Feb 1917


J. P. Dethlefson, a watchman in the employ of the Alaska Engineering Co., at Nenana had all the fingers of both his hands amputated in the hospital at that place recently as the result of freezing them while engaged in fighting a fire several weeks ago.

Daily Alaska Dispatch, Juneau, AK 15 Feb 1917