Marianna, PA Mine Explosion Disaster, Nov 1908 - The Dead


John Ivill, Married Nov. 4, 1908, aged 23 years; resided in Monongahela, employed as assistant machine boss. Death resulted from suffocation. Cousin of John H. Jones.
Mike Slovinsho, Italian body badly mutilated. Identified by check number on company books. Lived at Marianna.
Owen Borns, American, burned about head and face, left arm broken.
Milt Eckenrode, foreigner, aged about 35 years. Identified by tattoo name on arm and also by check number.
Doninick Qualiero, Italian, identified by tattooed name under arm, and also check No. 215.
Charles Tahaney, foreigner, skull crushed, leg broken.
Mike Lapine, face burned, death due to suffocation.
Frank Tebery, foreigner, leg broken, head crushed, upper portion of body burned.
John Tedroff, miner identified with check number.
James Henderson, mine foreman, survived by wife and several children, resided at Ellsworth; head blown off.
Frank Egon, aged 30, suffocated.
George Ackers, negro, aged 30 years; leaves wife, formerly Miss Bennett of Centerville, death due to suffocation.
John Joedsky, skull crushed; identified by check number.
John Donesty, leg broken, death due to suffocation; identified by check.
Alec Toorse, identified by check.
Richard Ciatt, identified by check number. Wore diamond ring and gold ring.
Sam Samtum.
George Lannoss, head blown off. Identified by paper in pocket.
Pat Donlin, identified to friends.
Bunerain Asrey, identified by check.
Henry Thompson, aged 48, married; leaves wife and 8 children; lived in Marianna.
Alex Bosewitch, foreigner, identified by friend.

46 Unidentified men, mostly foreigners

Missing, presumed dead

Senior Lee, of West Monongahela, who has a wife and nine children.
Clarence Williams, of Monongahela, leader of the high school band and a great church and Y.M.C.A. worker. Aged 26 years.
Edward Freyoenet, who resided in West Monongahela, had a wife and three children.
John and Seward Bennington, of Monongahela.
Allen Bolilock, boss driver, aged 26 years, married and leaves a wife and a babe one day old. Resided at Marianna.
Ted and Harry Miller, sons of John Miller, aged 16 and 19 years respectively. Resided at Marianna.
John Holmes, aged 22 motorman.
James Rule and two sons.
Trevor Williams, aged 25, married and leaves babe four days old.

The Washington Observer, Washington, PA 30 Nov 1908